Other Services


Twin Cities Clean Air is known for our air duct and dryer vent cleaning, as well as our UV air purifier installation services. But did you know we provide a host of other services to keep the air in your home or office clean too?

Other Air Cleaning Services

For all your clean air needs throughout Minneapolis and St. Paul, call Twin Cities Clean Air.

  • Mold Remediation: Got mold? Call Twin Cities Clean Air. We clean up mold and mildew in homes and businesses throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas. Mold isn’t just dirty and smelly; it can make you sick, causing a host of cold and flu-like symptoms that can linger for longer than you expect. Breathe easier — use a professional team for complete mold removal.
  • Sanitizing and Odor Removal:Sometimes, despite your best efforts, your home or office takes on a pervasive, unpleasant odor. That’s the time to call the experts at Twin Cities Clean Air. We identify the source of the odor, remove it and then clean up the residual smell. Your home or office will be smelling sweet in no time!
  • Lifetime Services: You have enough to worry about managing your home and your business. Let Twin Cities Clean Air take care of your A/C, dryer vents, air ducts and other home or commercial systems that affect your air quality. We provide annual maintenance service, plus a reusable electrostatic filter for your HVAC system, so you breathe the cleanest air possible.
  • Crawl Space Cleanup and Waterproofing: Crawl spaces are dark, damp, dirty places. We make them clean and usable again. The crawl space under your house is naturally dark and moist; thus, it is often home to critters as well as a variety of molds. All these can infiltrate your home, which can affect your health and your quality of life. At Twin Cities Clean Air, we clean and waterproof your crawl space, so you don’t have to worry about bugs, mold, standing water or any other typical crawl space concerns. Your space will be covered in heavy plastic, affixed securely to the ground. You’ll even be able to store out-of-season items in your newly improved space.
  • A/C Maintenance Services: We offer A/C coil and blower motor cleaning services to keep your A/C functioning efficiently, and to keep the air in your Minneapolis or St. Paul home or business cleaner. These two parts of an air conditioning unit are integral to its function. But they’re vulnerable to dust and dirt buildup too, as well as problems stemming from the onslaught of outdoor debris such as leaves, sticks and grass clippings. We keep your A/C clean and your air clear by servicing your unit annually.