A/C Coil Cleaning


Twin Cities Clean Air offers A/C coil cleaning services to residential and commercial customers throughout the Minneapolis and St. Paul areas.

Getting your A/C coils cleaned allows you to feel confident when you turn on your unit that first hot day. You know it will quickly cool your home or office and continue to do so throughout the season.

When clean, your A/C will run more reliably and efficiently, use less power and cost you less money. Your home or office will be cool, and your system won’t blow dust throughout the building every time the fan turns on.

How Do A/C Coils Work?

Your air conditioning unit has two sets of coils — evaporator and condenser coils. These work together in tandem to remove the hot air from your home or office building and release it outside, leaving just cool air indoors.

In order to do this efficiently, the coils must be clean. Evaporator coils that are coated in dust and dirt have a more difficult time releasing hot air to the outside — if they can do it all. When these coils are overwhelmed, they can become covered in frost, and even freeze up entirely, shutting down your system and leaving your building hot and stuffy.

Condenser coils are more often impaired by leaves, grass and other vegetation.

At Twin Cities Clean Air, we recommend cleaning your A/C coils every year, preferably just before the start of the season, in late winter or early spring. This helps ensure that your system is clean and ready for the hot season ahead.

Cleaning A/C Coils in the Twin Cities

While Minneapolis and St. Paul home and business owners can DIY hosing off their condenser coils from time to time, this does not thoroughly clean your unit. Cleaning the A/C coils is a job that should be done only by professionals, as it entails shutting off power to the unit and getting inside to clean both the evaporator and condenser coils.

As clean air professionals, we here at Twin Cities Clean Air do not merely dust off these components of your A/C. We start by brushing them off, but then we coat them with a special foaming cleanser to remove all the built-up dirt and debris.

We agitate the cleaner if necessary, then hose off the coils, taking care not to bend the aluminum fins that help the coils do their job. While we have your system taken apart, we check to see if any parts are worn or need replacing or further service. Then we put everything back together again, good as new.