Blower Motor Cleaning


Your blower motor is an important part of your air conditioning, and as such, needs to be kept in prime condition. That’s why at Twin Cities Clean Air, we offer A/C blower motor cleaning for Minneapolis and St. Paul homes and businesses.

Your air conditioner is composed of a lot of moving parts. If any of them ceases to move, the result is hot air in your home or office. Thus, it’s in your best interests to properly maintain your equipment.


Here are the top signs that you need to get your AC blower serviced:

  • There’s a humming sound coming from your air conditioner
  • Your air conditioner is operating inconsistently
  • Your system keeps shutting off after operating for a few hours
  • The fan IS operating but you do not experience any cold air
  • Your AC is producing lesser than expected or no cold air

What is a Blower Motor, Anyway?

The blower motor is responsible for getting the hot air out of your home or office and the cool air in. It’s composed of the motor, the shaft and the housing. Most A/C units are outside, where they are prone to collect dust, dirt and other vegetation. This debris can build up and put a strain on your blower motor.

Here at Twin Cities Clean Air, we have seen blower motors that looked like they had never been cleaned. The motors were so caked in dust you could barely see them, and the spaces between the fins were all but closed off.

Such a thick coating of dust puts a strain on your blower motor, forcing it to work harder to achieve your desired temperature. Further, bits of the debris clinging to the motor get blown into your home or office every time the unit turns on. This dust and dirt not only covers your furniture and other surfaces in your home or office, it goes into your lungs, where it can cause lingering cold and flu-like symptoms.

Cleaning Your Blower Motor in Minneapolis or St. Paul

Call Twin Cities Clean Air to service the blower motor for your home or office’s air conditioning unit. We shut down the power to your A/C, take it apart and remove the blower motor’s parts. We brush off the heavy debris, then coat the pieces in a special cleaning agent. We allow it to sit for several minutes in order to give it time to penetrate the grime.

Then we agitate it, repeating the process if necessary, finally hosing off your equipment and putting it back together.

When your A/C unit’s blower motor is clean, you can be assured it will do its job dependably, all summer long. We’ll take note of any parts that are worn when we take the unit apart, and we’ll recommend repairs if necessary.

Once your blower motor is clean, you will see a reduction in the amount of dust and dirt coming from your A/C’s vents. Less dust and dirt coming out of the vents means less dust and dirt in your lungs. You can expect fewer allergy symptoms, colds and sick days.


At Twin Cities Clean Air, we offer high-quality air purification services at competitive prices. Your satisfaction is our priority and we believe in providing you more than your money’s worth. We work hard to provide you the best prices for air cleaning services while maintaining exceptional service standards.

Keep the air in your home or office clean. Call Twin Cities Clean Air today and schedule a blower motor cleaning for your A/C unit. You’ll be glad you did.