Crawl Space Cleanup & Waterproofing


The crawl space under your home may be necessary, but that doesn’t mean it’s a place you like to go into with any frequency. It’s dark, damp and full of spiders and goodness knows what else. That’s why Twin Cities Clean Air offers crawl space cleanup, waterproofing and encapsulation services.

What’s Not to Love About a Crawl Space

Minnesota and St. Paul homes without basements or cellars usually have crawl spaces instead. These small spaces under your home — usually about 18 to 36 inches high — are notoriously unsanitary and tend to harbor a plethora of creepy critters, as well as mold and mildew.

Builders must leave some space under your home to allow air to circulate and help prevent rotting, and to allow access to your home systems, such as plumbing and electrical. Plumbers and electricians, however, know these spaces tend to be populated by raccoons, possums, skunks, rodents, snakes, spiders and more. If your crawl space tends to retain water, this poses a danger to service personnel, as it could facilitate electric shock or even electrocution.

Even if you have no standing water in your crawl space, this area tends to be dark and damp, and thus facilitates mold and mildew growth. The growth can release mold spores that circulate through the air and into your home above, creating a health hazard.

Improving Twin Cities Crawl Spaces, One at a Time

At Twin Cities Clean Air, we offer services to clean and preserve your crawl space. When you call us, we first clean out the area, removing any items or building material infested by mold or critters. Then we clean, sanitize and level the area underneath your home.

Once everything is clean and dry, we install a heavy plastic barrier which we affix permanently to the ground. This discourages critters from taking up residence under your home and it solves the problem of water leaching up from the ground and forming fetid puddles.

For even more complete coverage, choose encapsulation. When we perform this service, we cover (or create) the walls of your crawl space so that you have a whole new sanitary area beneath your home. This further helps to insulate the space, so you have less hot and cold air seeping through your floorboards, foiling your HVAC system.

You also won’t have to worry about mold spores anymore either, or bugs. Your Minneapolis or St. Paul home will be snug and safe. You’ll even be able to store items in this space, such as gardening tools, out-of-season decorations, toys or anything that doesn’t require climate control. You’ll get a lot of closet space back!

Contact Twin Cities Clean Air today to learn more about crawl space cleanup, waterproofing and encapsulation. We make scary crawl spaces sanitary.