Sanitizing & Odor Removal


Household and even industrial odors emanate from many sources, and they can sometimes be difficult to identify. Twin Cities Clean Air finds the source of the odor at your property and cleans it up, bringing back the fresh air you’re used to.

Common Sources of Odors in Minneapolis & St. Paul

Garbage — rotting organic material — is a common source of bad odors. Although we all know taking out the garbage will help, sometimes the odor lingers. Is it because there’s a hole in your trash can and the oozing mess seeped into your floorboards? Or is the garbage smell coming from your dishwasher or garbage disposal? Using a specially formulated deodorizer might help. But it might not.

Another stubborn source of odors in the home comes from pets. The worst is pet urine that has seeped into furniture or floorboards. Other offending pet smells include wet dog, dog breath, flatulent dog and litter box. While some of these seem temporary and treatable, if they are recurring, these odors can permeate your soft furniture, drapes and seemingly every fiber of your home.

While many odors are annoying and offensive, some are downright dangerous. One of the most dangerous is mold, which can make you, your family or your employees seriously ill. You may be able to smell the mold, but not see it. It could be in the walls, floors, ceilings or even in the air.

Fresh Air Restored

Once the odor is gone, you’ll feel like you’re in heaven again. No more sickening smells from coverup products like Febreze or cardboard pine trees. Renuzit and Glade do not remedy a buildup of cooking oil on the walls or that growing pile of laundry in your teenager’s room.

The air is clean, clear and fresh in Minneapolis and St. Paul. It should be that way in your home and office too. Call Twin Cities Clean Air today.

Twin Cities Clean Air Gets Rid of the Smell

When you have an odor in your Minneapolis or St. Paul home, rely on the professional team at Twin Cities Clean Air to get rid of it for good. We are trained in identifying odors, and we have experience using the products that will get rid of the smell quickly and permanently.

After we pinpoint the smell in your home or office building, we track it to the source and get rid of it. Dead rodent? Moldy HVAC filter? Sewer backup? All can be remedied.

Next, we get to work cleaning the smell left behind. Whether it’s cigarette smoke from your mother-in-law’s visit or pet urine from your sister’s incontinent dog, we get to work cleaning and sanitizing your home.

If the problem is mold in your office building, we will work quickly to eradicate any mold growth so your employees can get back to work as soon as possible.